Large crypto trades up to
up to 1 mln euro
per transaction for private users, brokers or business clients
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Why choose our OTC trading
(over-the-counter trades)
Fast settlement
We provide guidance in gathering nesessary docs and conduct preliminary compliance check.
Instant execution and confirmation
Receive money to your KAURI FINANCE account immediately. In case of SEPA transfer - from 1 day.
Competitive prices
Working on our own crypto processing allows us to keep the comissions on lower level.
Simplified procedures
Easy procedures even with large amounts.
Request OTC
Three steps to complete
OTC trade
Our process is a flexible framework that adapts, evolves and responds to your needs.
Our manager is available 24/7 from the very first moment.
Pass verification
To start trading you need to verify your identity and provide proof of funds. Our manager will guide you through the process.
Make a deal
Before the trade, you can store your funds in your bank account, crypto wallet, or any exchange. After the trade, we'll send them to any requested account.
Money is sent to IBAN
Get crypto to your account/wallet or receive fiat currencies to your IBAN.
Personal approach
We know how important it is to feel confident when closing large deals.
Therefore, every OTC client is guided by our qualified managers, who assist in preparing and gathering all necessary documents and accompany the trade from the very beginning.
What is OTC?
What are the limits for OTC trades?
What currencies do you work with?
How do I become eligible for OTC Trading?
What are my settlement options?
What documents should I provide to conduct my order?